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PLA "Glow in the Dark" Plastic Bundle


PLA "Glow in the Dark" Plastic Bundle


Scribbler 3D Pen PLA Plastic Filament "Glow in the Dark" Bundle

PLA is a bio-degradable type of plastic that is manufactured out of plant-based resources such as corn starch or sugar cane. This is why it is called "the green plastic". Melting temperature is 170-220°.

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Pros:                                                                           Cons:

  • Environmental-friendly                                         Can deform because of heat
  • Shinier and smoother appearance                       Less sturdy than ABS
  • Does not have plastic fume
  • Better detail

The package includes 6 plastic filaments of 3 different colors - blue, yellow, and green (2 of each). Each filament is 20m (66 feet). Total length of plastic filament in the package is 120m (394 feet).